Šestinski Lagvić

Šestinski lagvić is a restaurant with a long tradition situated under the Sljeme mountain. The restaurant is surrounded by greenery, dominated by our terrace with a beautiful view of Zagreb we are extremely proud of. The interior is dominated by the original Šestine style refined by traditional motifs. The mere act of entering the restaurant will awaken the gourmet in you, wondering “What were our forefathers eating?” The answer is in our menu, dominated by traditional cuisine. You can enjoy premium quality meals prepared on the grill or the skewer, and we can brag that all the pasta, bread baked under peka, a special baking lid, rolls and štrukli, a dish you cannot afford to miss, have been prepared in our own restaurant according to ancient, traditional recipes


We have 160 seats in the restaurant and 200 seats on the terrace, which makes the space ideal for banquets, weddings and cocktail parties. If you want to hold a conference or a presentation, we have a meeting salon that will guarantee privacy. Additional facilities include a surveilled parking lot, children’s playground…, and great entertainment is guaranteed by our tamburaši playing in local costume on Fridays and Saturdays.

Our opening hours are 10-24 MON-SUN, and we accept credit cards.

So if you like gourmet cuisine, or wish to commemorate a significant time in your life, be sure to visit “Šestinski lagvić”



    Restaurant Šestinski Lagvić

    Prilaz Kraljičinom zdencu 12
    10000 Zagreb, Hrvatska

    tel: +385 1 4674 417
    fax: +385 1 4674 528

    Opening hours 10-24 od MON-SUN

    e-mail: sestinski.lagvic@zg.t-com.hr

    Bank account: 2360000-1101386842
    VAT: 82831811090